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Outsourcing solutions to simplify your business-life!
Over 10 years, PeopleAce has been contributing in the success of its clients. With our unique outsourcing solutions we simplify business processes and propel growth. We employ dedicated, enthusiastic and result-oriented team having adequate knowledge and experience in delivering qualitative, on-time services.

Pricing Models

PeopleAce has systematic pricing models that are convenient and widely prevailing in the market.

Flat pricing model

Flat pricing model (a.k.a, project-based model) is ideal for projects having fixed, clear and well-defined requirements. This type of model is based on rigid and pre-defined project scope and specification. Our business analyst will study project requirements and will offer a fixed price.

A proposed timeline and financial plan is presented to ensure timely deliverables without exceeding the budget.

Pay-as-we-progress pricing model

This pricing model is ideal for large, complex and time-consuming projects. There are projects where in there might be frequent changes in the specification during development time. Due to the complexity and size of the project there might be changes in the team size, specification and timeline.

In order to optimize cost and time of such projects, we have this pricing model where payments are scheduled at either the beginning of each development phase or monthly – as communicated with the client.

Dedicated team based pricing model

This model is ideal for companies or development houses willing to build a dedicated team. Companies can hire our experts within this pricing model who will dedicatedly work on their projects.

Payments depend upon the project, type of tasks and resources utilized.

Contact us to know more about pricing, suitable model for your assignment or any information which has not been included here. Please note that we don’t charge for assessment. Put your quote request here.

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